Healthy minds start with healthy meals.

Did you know that the way to healthy brains is through the stomach?!  Healthy bodies, brains, and behaviors are developed by eating vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, healthy oils and meats. Children who eat healthy foods will grow in mind and body, are better able to focus, demonstrate higher cognitive skills and perform better in class and sports. It gives them the energy that their high metabolism needs to do well throughout the school day. Proper nutrition also decreases incidence of health problems including childhood obesity and diabetes.

Children who learn the principles of nutrition and good eating habits carry them into a happier and healthier adulthood.

We serve our youth to improve their well-being. We recognize that we live in a community with diverse cultures and lifestyles. Our desire is to not only be in compliance with PPM 150, but to provide students and school staff with a variety of food choices that are appealing, wholesome and nutritious. We are proud to offer fresh, high quality meats, vegetables, cheeses, fruits, and whole wheat and white grains. We also offer a variety of nut-free cookies and snacks.

We believe that fresh is best.

As much as possible, foods are sourced locally and prepared on site. We are also aware of the increasing rise in food allergies affecting children.  That’s why our foods are 100% nut free. Our menu is also free of trans fats, soda pop, and candy. We avoid MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup and unnecessary fillers, additives, and preservatives.

We offer vegetarian dishes and also provide meals for special diets on request.


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